Twin Willow Gardens Wedding | Snohomish, WA

Kat & Jonathan were married on May 26th, 2019 at Twin Willow Gardens in Snohomish, Washington. When I spoke to Kat & Jonathan on our phone consult I immediately knew that they were going to be so much fun to work with and be the life of the party on their wedding day. These two define what it means to be happy and to be in love. I am so excited to share my favorite images from their wedding day! Just scroll down and see their tear filled first look, their intimate ceremony, and their killer dance moves.

Before we get in to everything, just take a look at this stunning ceremony space... I mean c'mon! Married in the trees?! Nothing screams PNW wedding like an intimate forest setting. If you haven't checked out Twin Willow Gardens, I highly recommend you do.

Anyways, on to the wedding day...

I arrived in the morning to capture Kat, Jonathan and their bridal party members getting ready. In the heart of the venue property are two adorable tiny homes that act as getting ready suites. This is so great because a) these spaces are super cute and filled with light and b) it made my job as a photographer very easy because I was able to bounce back and forth between both houses very quickly. Here is a look at how the morning played out-

I started in the White Magnolia House where Kat and her girls were getting ready. Kat was finishing up hair/makeup while her bridesmaids began assembling their DIY bouquets (they turned out amazing!). I decided to take Kats dress outside to capture it around the venue, and I found the prettiest archway in the garden to hang it on!

I LOVE the detail on her dress.

When I made my way back inside and the girls began prepping her dress (there were a few safety pins that needed to be removed before Kat got into it. Side note, why are bridesmaids the best?!) which made for the cutest candid! I love when little moments like this just naturally unfold on a wedding day.

More getting ready candids happened.

And then Kat began to help finish the bridesmaid's bouquets while some other girls took a turn in the makeup chair. You know what I LOVE about this bridal suite? There is a little loft that you can climb into to capture some unique birds eye photos. Just like this image below:

While the other girls were getting their makeup started, I popped over to the other suite (the Cedar Cabin House) to see what Jonathan and his guys were up to...

...aaaand they were watching a Hanker-chief folding YouTube tutorial. I'll be honest with you all, this is NOT the first time I have seen this happen at a wedding ;)! After a good laugh with the guys, I snagged Jonathans details for some quick photos outside before heading back in to get some getting ready candids.

Jonathan loves the outdoors and found a great way to showcase that on his wedding day. I'm obsessed with his tie! It is a topographic map of his favorite area.

Many candids later, it was time to head to the other suite to capture some robe photos & Kat getting into her dress.

Then after a hug from sister,

and a prayer from mom,

It was time for a quick first look right before the ceremony. Now is the time to grab your tissues, folks.

Jonathan fell to his knees crying at the sight of his soon to be wife.

Then Kat lost it too. (and so did I from behind the camera.)

After drying our tears, we snapped a few photos with their pup before heading to the Ceremony.

Time for the processional!

Jon & the bridal party walked through the regular ceremony entrance for the processional. When it came for Kat to come down, she surprised everyone by walking down a trail through the woods, arm-in-arm with her dad. Seeing her walking down the aisle surrounded by the forest, was definitely a sight to see.

The rings were passed around for all to see.

Wise words of advice were given & vows were read.

Before the exchanging of rings, Kat & Jonathan's immediate family gathered at the alter to pray over them.

Jonathan's dad watched as his son put the ring on Kat's finger.

"I DO!"

These two were so full of joy as they walked back down the aisle.

Time to make it official! Kat & Jonathan walked back to the Magnolia House to sign the marriage certificate and celebrate with their two right hand people. I swear all these two did on their wedding day was smile - with the exception of a few happy tears here and there.

After signing the marriage certificate, we headed out for some formal photos in the center lawn of the venue! You can view those sets below! Or, if you're ready to get this party started, keep scrolling for the reception photos.

After formal photos we walked a few yards back to the reception event to finish off cocktail hour. One of the reasons I loved shooting at Twin Willows was the the ease of access to all the different parts of the venue. There are so many different locations on site that have such a variety of scenery, yet everything is close enough together that you aren't spending much of your day traveling between shooting locations. Because of this, we were able to plan our shooting timeline in a way that knocked out most of the formal photos right after the ceremony and then left the remaining photos (couples portraits) for later in the day during golden hour. This was important to the couple, because they wanted to be a part of the cocktail hour. Anyways! Back to the images...

While Kat & Jonathan mingled with their guests, Kat's mom began to prepare dinner & dessert. Kat's mom actually prepared the entire dinner and dessert buffet. Such an amazing gift for the couple... and let me tell you first hand - it was DELICIOUS. Take a look for yourself...

The decor around the reception space was so cute! I loved all of the little touches.

Once dinner was done being prepared, everyone gathered under the tent for dinner & toasts, followed by Kat & Jonathan's first dance and cake cutting.

Then it was time for Kat to change into her party dress & time for some portraits before heading to the dance floor.

& then it was time to PARTY!

At the end of the night, all of the remaining guests circled around Kat & Jonathan while they shared one last slow dance. This was one of my favorite moments of the wedding day. It was pure magic!


And that brings us to the end. I am so thankful these two trusted me to photograph their wedding. This will forever go down as one of my all time favorites because of the pure love and joy these two radiated. I think it is very important to remember what really matters on your wedding day, especially during the stress of planning: have fun, enjoy all of the little moments, and remember why you're there - you and your partner fell in love, grew that love, and decided to share that love with all of your closest family and friends. Nothing else really matters at the end of the day. <3